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Burma Death Railway

Hellfire Pass

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Hellfire Pass Today

Hellfire Pass has a lot to offer, close by you can take the train and ride across the world famous Bridge over the river Kwai.

Plenty of beautiful things to see and do, it is a must do historical site and one to tick off the list of must do’s.

  • See Hellfire Pass and get a close up on what the conditions were really like
  • Explore the Bridge over the river Kwai
  • Take the train on the “Death Railway”
  • Get a close up and explore all the historical sites
  • Plenty of activities close by, Monkey feeding, Elephant Riding, River rafting and the Tiger Temple.

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What others say about Hellfire Pass

James Fisher

What an amazing experience, was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had.

You really don’t know what they had to endure until you actually are there, I will come back next year for sure.

James Fisher
Kelly Harris

This was a very touching place as my father was a POW. What he would have had to go through and survive it, makes me so proud of him.

Kelly Harris